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Oswald Street, Falkirk

Oswald Street is located within the town of Falkirk, in the heart of Central Scotland and has forged positive relationships with the neighbours within the residential cul-de-sac. 


Oswald Street was FTS Care’s second residential care home service  opening in 2015 and now compliments 2 further residential care homes each with four beds.  Oswald Street provides a high-quality service for four children or young people that are required to be cared for away from home.  Our aim is to ensure the children and young people in our care grow up with the ambitions, opportunities and skills they need to make a positive difference to their lives.  


We believe that all children or young people have the right to be treated as individuals regardless of their present or past circumstances.  All children and young people are encouraged to follow their hopes and fulfil their potential during their time staying with Oswald Street

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Residential Manager


I used to think I knew everything but now I know I don't. Staff and my key worker have been great; I get loads of support and know that I can stay here until I'm ready to move on
FTS Care
Young Person
Staff are great with him. He's come on so much and that's a whole lot off my mind. I was worried to begin with but I know he can talk to any of them and will do so